Very low energy consumption! From 0.41 kW per tonne

Fliegl Biomat

What is the particular advantage of the Biomat range?

PolyPro in a plastic version
PolyPro in a steel version

  • Powerful feeder:  For corn and difficult renewable materials, such as grass silage, whole crop silage (WCS), also with a high proportion of solid manure, wood chips, waste etc.
  • Very high gas yield: By a perfect dosage with the best mixing effect. Suitable for all biogas-producing raw materials
  • Energy reduction: With a very low power consumption from 0,41 kW per tonne
  • Low maintenance: Sturdy construction with wear resistant electric drive. The wear resistance is high and therefore the service life is long, as no chains and complex bearings are necessary for conveying the substrate
  • Polypro push-off container: Made entirely from durable and resistant PE plastic
  • Reliable operation: At any time of the year and at any temperature
  • Quick and easy to install
  • For every need: The Biomat can be expanded by means of various attachment options for every need
  • For uneven terrain: Can be levelled via adjustable feet

One for all - the original!

The Fliegl push-off system is a revolutionary, successful system for agricultural vehicles and stationary dosing containers. Due to the patented two-part push-floor, a compression against the side walls is prevented.

Attachment and expansion options for the Biomat

The Rondomat attachment

The Rondomat attachment is adapted to the size of the Biomat and is available in sizes of 14, 17 and 23 m3.

The system is the same as that of the Rondomat - with the internal extractor blade, which rotatesslowly around its own axis, in the form of opposing swords. Its special shape allows a high extraction rate with minimal effort. The cylindrical shape of the Rondomat and the large diameter of the extractor blade prevent bridging.

Multimix (vertical mixer)

is adapted to the size of the Biomat and is available in sizes of 7, 9 and 14 - m3.
Save energy: and make use of the advantages of a vertical mixer. Cut and mix e.g. round bales with long grass silage.

Duplex dosing unit

Long life:
Feed screws made of high quality high-strength steel or stainless steel.
Low wear of the feed screws: The feed screws rotate slowly, but to compensate, they have a large diameter

Extractor screws and dosing rollers with wear proof carbide surfaces:
Excellent mixing and uninterrupted dosing by 5 or 6 vertically arranged dosing screws that distribute the substrate loosely onto the trough auger. The hinged back panel allows easy removal of debris.